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A Quick Checklist for efficient house cleaning

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Useful tips

How to clean your home quickly: A Quick Checklist for efficient house cleaning

Work all week and don’t want to spend all weekend cleaning the house. There’s so many more important things to do in life that spend all your time cleaning. I don’t think anyone is going to look back and say the most important thing about you was your clean home.

So, let’s get started.

Here’s my top tip.

  1. Train the kids to do it for you.
  2. Setting boundaries is important with children, but that’s a whole other story. If you can’t set jobs for your children, then you need a quick check list to make home presentation and cleanliness easier and faster for you. It’s always good to get them helping though and you can do that by sharing the checklist. They may not be able to declutter, but give them a spray bottle and they’ll go mad!

    The trick is to just to what you need to do and leave all your other worries (like the pantry or the linen cupboard for a rainy day)

  3. Declutter
  4. Walk room by room and pick up everything that shouldn’t be in that room or put it back where it belongs. My husband has a habit of collecting wine glasses in the TV Room, so it’s always a good idea to carry a basket to load up as you go room to room. This way you do need to make unnecessary trips to the laundry to deposit a pair of wayward used socks!

  5. Ignore the rooms only the owner sees
  6. Who cares about the kids’ bedrooms? They have to live in the mess, so let them. One day they will take some pride in their own space, but until then, take their clean washing and put in a basket just inside their door. (If you have kids that store their clothes on the floor, make them do their own washing) I have often opened the door to my daughters room and thrown socks across the room!

  7. Dusting
  8. Go room to room with a microfiber cloth and dust dry areas (fast). Tip: work top to bottom

  9. Bathrooms and Kitchen
  10. Get out the spray bottle (commercial cleaner or vinegar) and pre spray bathtubs, Showers, Hand basins, toilets, kitchen benchtops etc. You’ll come back to these once you have vacuumed.

  11. Vacuuming
  12. Vacuum the whole house

  13. Back to the Bathrooms and kitchen
  14. Wipe out and rinse Bathroom with a damp cloth. You can carry a bucket or just use the hand basin to rinse out your cloth. I also carry a toweling cloth to dry up afterwards.

    Wipe down the kitchen benches and stove tops.

    Then wipe over the cupboards and fridge.

  15. Floors
  16. If you need to wash the floors weekly, now’s the time to do it. Start in the far corner and work your way to the room entrance

  17. Give it a sparkle or a just cleaned smell.
  18. I do this to just one item a week. A nice linseed and wax furniture polish can make the house smell beautiful, so I do my dining table (a wooden refectory table or another piece of wooden polish each week. Just one a week otherwise you’d be there all day cleaning) Another trick is to clean the windows in one room to add a little sparkle. (here’s a tip – use a commercial streak free window cleaner and wipe with balled up Newspaper for the best result)

If you don’t have time, another option is to employ a cleaner. There’s a lot of self-employed people who will do domestic cleaning, bond and exit cleans too, so use a local when you can. You’ll be keeping a local in work, get local references and know that person is trustworthy.

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