Poppy's Chocolate

Poppy’s Chocolate takes fun, quality, love, deliciousness and eye candy, mixes them all together and creates chocolates that taste and look like they are made in Heaven.

Poppy’s has their own chocolate, made in Australia, using European style quality recipes and produces chocolates with their own unique Australian touch. Whilst the quality is of European high standards, Poppy’s steps way beyond the traditional chocolate with bright colours and flavours greatly influenced by Australia’s incredible range of culinary options including fruit, nuts and cultural favourites. They are not only unique in Australia but unique on an international level and the taste is certainly of a high International standard.

The business has been around since 1993 and was bought in 2005 by Lynda Pedder who reincarnated the business as Poppy’s and took quality to a whole new level. It began as a wholesale business but when the opportunity arose to expand the premises in 2011, Poppy’s decided to open a retail outlet so that the general public could enjoy the same chocolates that 5 star hotel customers had been enjoying for years. Now you can watch the chocolates being made during the week and buy gourmet chocolate direct from the factory.

More and more people from around Australia kept asking how they could buy Poppy’s and now Poppy’s has answered that call with an online shop.

More than half of Poppy’s Chocolate’s business is still wholesale. If you are a retailer, hotel, caterer or corporate customer, we welcome your enquiry through the Wholesale page.

If it’s chocolate you need, it’s Poppy’s you want.

For more interesting information and stories about Poppy’s Chocolate history and Poppy’s thoughts on anything and everything, check out our blogs.

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