Village: Burleigh


Represents people, culture, music & artisans, family & love. To work with people and villages from around the world. To live inspired by life, nature and the people around you.

The Concept:

Village is a global concept that brings together people with a passion for the environment, furniture, music and the arts. Our goal is to design & manufacture furniture from recycled materials, using old woods and to celebrate life; as we know it!  We believe in fair trade and supporting our next generations by considering the materials used & purchased to create Village furniture & home decor products.

How it began:

Village is a growing and developing Australian business with positive work ethics. Brenden has a background of furniture design and global retail buying that began in 1999 with the outlook and goal of one day creating a brand and establishing an inspirational lifestyle concept that is now born.

Welcome to Village! Explore Living!

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