Pink Roofing

Pink Roofing specialise in constructing Colorbond metal roofing for your home and commercial buildings. We are experts in all new roofing and re-roofing needs. Our experiences with Colorbond products are second to none.

With over 18 years in the industry, Pink Roofing are a licensed roofing contractor and can provide you with reliable and expert tradesmen. We only use the best products and can provide a 10 year guarantee on all our products and workmanship.

Pink Roofing consistently delivers the best results efficiently, on time and assuring customer satisfaction every time!

Pink Roofing can supply Colorbond roofing in a range of stylish colours. When you decide to install a Colorbond roof, you are sure to find something to enhance the style of your property.

Pink Roofing offers a complete roofing installation service for your property. By utilising the services of Pink Roofing, you will not only add style and elegance to your home, but will increase the overall value of your property, making your roof transformation a sound decision.

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