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  • Location: Gold Coast
  • Package: Premium
  • Address: 4B/14 Newcastle Street
  • Suburb: Burleigh Heads
  • State: QLD
  • Postcode: 4220
  • Opening Hours:



    Monday - Lessons by Appointment 

    Tuesday - Lessons by Appointment 

    Wednesday - 9am to 6pm

    Thursday - 9am to 6pm

    Friday - 9am to 6pm

    Saturday - 9am to 4pm

    Sunday - 10am - 2pm 

  • Phone: 07 5593 6344
  • Email: info@miamisound.com.au

** Lessons are postponed until further notice but you are still welcome in the shop. Please abide by social distancing rules. **


We are passionate about guitars and we've created a space where we can bring together players new and experienced, from all walks of life. Whether you are new to guitar yourself, encouraging kids to learn an instrument or have been playing and touring the world for years we want you to feel welcome at Miami Sound.

Miami Sound have a range of accessories for both guitar (strings, picks, straps, capos) and for orchestral needs (reeds, violin strings etc) and also provide a reliable and quality guitar repair service for when your beloved instrument is injured, or just needs a bit of TLC.

For the performers out there, whether you are playing a coffee shop, small club or speaking to a corporate or community audience, we have a range of public address systems for hire.


Guitar Repairs

All guitars need a bit of looking after. From restringing and setups through to major refretting work, Miami Sound can help you out. We make sure that our work is done right the first time.

We’ll provide you with a written quote, photograph any issues so we are all clear on what needs to be done and keep you informed and involved if there are any surprises along the way.

We keep a range of spares in stock to get your instrument back up and running as quickly as we can and always take the best of care of our patients :)



Miami Sound teaches a love of music – that’s the main thing we want to achieve with our students.

That means kids building confidence and developing a whole other part of their personality, allowing them to express themselves through their singing or guitar playing. It means the more advanced players and singers continuing to be inspired, to see and achieve the next level of their ability.

Whether that means performing for your own or your family’s enjoyment, building confidence for your first public performance or continuing to hone your skills as you record and perform more widely, we are here to support you on your musical journey.


Equipment Hire 

Need a PA to play a coffee shop, church, wedding, pub or maybe for your party? Or do you need to deliver a corporate presentation? Miami Sound has a range of PAs that fit the bill. All are easy to use and we can show you (and you can try them) in store. They are all quite portable too.

Our Fender Passports are perfect for a solo act or duo in a coffee shop, or for a corporate presentation up to about 100 people. If you need to go a bit larger the Yamaha StagePas gives you a few more input options and a bit more volume for a bigger crowd.

Need to go larger still or have a PA that can get over an acoustic drum kit? Super portable is our Behringer Europort PPA 800 and we have full band PAs for those more informal gigs. Come in and have a look. If you need microphones/stands etc, we have that too.


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