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Any plumber can fix a toilet, put in a new tap, or repair a leaking pipe.

We at STRATA PLUMBING & GAS provide the usual expected plumbing services as well as the unusual.


At Strata Plumbing & Gas Services we specialise in:

  • Shared Plumbing Services: 
    Whether it be for a lifestyle village, nursing home, highrise building, shopping centre or a group of townhouses, we can help maintain shared plumbing facilities and plumbing infrastructure associated with Body Corporates, Volumetric Titles & Strata Titling. We are experienced in report writing for water usage disputes or problem-solving excessive water bills where water bills are shared. We can help with mapping of on-site drainage and water services to enable easier record keeping of required routine maintenance. We are able to maintain on-site fire & Rainwater systems. We can also set up yearly routine maintenance schedules to help with backflow prevention device testing and your on-site fire hydrant system (if applicable), whilst being available to solve any plumbing issues such as blocked drains & water leaks. 
  • Large Homes: 

    We are experts in designing stormwater pump chambers, sewer pump chambers, recirculating hot water ring mains & larger than normal roof drainage systems that are commonly found in larger homes. If your house is subject to an extraordinary rainfall event, we design and install your stormwater to give you the very best chance to “weather the storm”. We consider things like power outages, overland flows & emergency overflows in our stormwater design and installation. 

  • Hydraulic Design:
    We can assist in the hydraulic (plumbing) design for your domestic, commercial or industrial project either to satisfy a building approval, council requirement or simply to enable you to obtain many plumbing quotes. We can assist in the architectural design process for any project. Many plumbing items require coordination with other services and do influence a site, project or buildings form and function. We have extensive experience with the design of Fire, Gas, Water Services, Stormwater  & Sanitary drainage to comply with Local Council requirements, National Construction Codes, Australian Standards & State Legislation.

  • Roofing:
    New roofs, downpipes, roof leaks, custom flashings, sheet metal work & re-roofs.Specialising in box gutter design & installations to comply with the National Construction Code & Australian Standards.

  • Rainwater reuse:
    Rainwater re-use requires constant attention when used with pools, toilets or washing machines. It is recommended that rainwater tanks should be cleaned out or flushed clean every year, we can assist with this. This will prevent discolouration of your toilet and washing machine if they are connected to the rainwater. This also will help with the water quality of your pool. We can help with maintenance of your rainwater pumps & mains water top up / mains water switching device. We can install rainwater tanks to fit in most areas to help save water use in your home.

  • Energy Efficiency:
    Most people know we should have water flow restrictors on our taps to reduce water wastage, but there are a few more simple things we can do to save energy and $$.Roof vents, or “whirly birds” powered by the wind cool down your roof space considerably in summer. Roof vents extract the hot air from your roof space, cooling down your house considerably for a very little cost to purchase & install. Skylights are another relatively cost-effective method to brighten up a dark common area of your home that we can help with, saving using a light during the daytime. There is nothing worse than wasting water at a tap waiting for the hot water to arrive. We can advise on a few options to help with this issue. We can assist with the design and installation of natural gas to your property to use in the kitchen, for hot water and even the BBQ.

We are a unique plumbing company due to our extensive experience across the wide variety of plumbing fields, but what makes us especially stand out from other plumbing companies is our previous experience as plumbing consultants across South East QLD & Northern NSW (predominately Gold Coast)




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