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Your local gas supplier

After many years of experience in the gas industry once dominated by the giant multinational gas companies.  With total control of the market and lack of interest in customer needs,  Agas National was born to bring back customer service.

Agas National is an alternative you can rely on, with our "All About Customer Service" attitude it was evident that there was a need in the marketplace for a gas company that wanted its customers and could provide a customer service experience far and beyond what is experienced in the industry.

Agas National is proud to be your only Queensland, family-owned, a local independent supplier of house gas and commercial LPG bottles. We also have a wide variety of industrial gases, including helium. 

Agas National is the ONLY supplier to provide a FREE Same Day Delivery service.

Servicing South East Queensland, we cover North Coast, Moreton Shire & Surrounding, North Brisbane & Surrounding, Brisbane CBD, Ipswich & Surrounding, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Tweed & Surrounding and the South Coast. Call us and inquire about the delivery day's in your area today on 07 3282 5783! 

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