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These days, opening a business is more than just putting out the welcome mat and opening the door. Business people have to be experts in everything from marketing to accounting, human resource law, be social media tarts, salespeople and in some cases psychologists!

At Rebel Connect, our job is to help you grow your business, help you navigate the world of marketing using both traditional and digital methods. We also work with our preferred partners to help you with human resource management, high performance leadership training and implementation of accounting programs and training.


At Rebel Connect, our team can help you with a complete range of business services including;

  • Radio advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • EDM Marketing
  • Website builds and rebuilds
  • Business Facebook builds
  • Video creation
  • Content writing and concept creation for marketing campaigns
  • Print services including graphic design
  • Logo development and redesigns
  • Graphic design services

Through our preferred partners we can also offer you;

  • Zero accounting implementation and training
  • High Performance Leadership training for managers and key staff
  • ZODIAK Training for businesses with an accredited trainer to get your managers and staff invested in your business


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