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Unique Counselling

Unique Counselling is a local counselling service operating here on the Gold Coast in Varsity Lakes. We offer a high-quality therapeutic service with a focus on working with adults, couples, and families in providing an affordable, personalised, and caring environment. Currently, we offer appointments on Thursdays in our clinic and can arrange phone or Skype consultations to suit individual needs on other weekdays.

Why ‘Unique Counselling’?

The word ‘Unique’ is not suggesting that the methods, skills, interventions or approach used are in some way are special or different to what is used in the counselling industry or by other therapists. Rather, ‘Unique’ is in relation to the distinctive nature of each client’s particular set of circumstances, experiences, and way of processing their problems – and how these combine to form a unique experience of being in the world.

Being that every person’s experience and perspective is unique, this forms an intricate network of connections in life that are unlike anyone else’s. It is this individual and unique component that ‘Unique Counselling’ endeavours to value, explore and give respect to.

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3a/128 Varsity Parade, 4227, Gold Coast
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